My Study Track


 My Study Track is a web based application specially developed to organize and track the education process in online manner.  Application provides benefits in numerous ways to Class owners, faculties and its students by significantly improving the process to organize and communicate with an advanced option of working remotely from anywhere.(

Activities supported by My Study Track 

  • Administrate your class online :
  1. Right from Student & faculty Enrollment.
  2. Build question bank.
  3. Use dashboard to see various reports ,etc.
  • Treasury of knowledge
  1. Store and share useful information.
  • Real Competitive Environment 
  1. Schedule and conduct online assessments.
  • Unlimited Practice
  1. Conduct Mock-exam.
  2. Appear for Mock-exams.
  • Self Estimation
  1. Identify your strong and weak areas which need appropriate attention

Feature Highlights 

  • Test

Helps faculties to create question banks, schedule and formulate tests. Conduct real time assessments with instant results which are ready for analysis.

  • Track Your Progress

Examine your progress over the period by generating reports of your performance

  • Learn Mode

Once you are done with the test, review your assessment for incorrect answers

  • Bookmark

Bookmark any important questions for future reference

  • Videos

Faculty can share the useful informational videos with students to cater extra knowledge around the subject.

  • Fun

Share your learning experiences with family and friends.



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